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Attention Lake and Flathead County Community Members!

We are pleased to announce the opportunity for septic maintenance reimbursement for eligible residents of Lake County and Flathead County. The purpose of this program is to address nutrient loading to surface waters in the Flathead Basin from onsite septic systems by encouraging and assisting residents to maintain their systems.

Septic maintenance can be a little costly. To make this endeavor more affordable, a 50% reimbursement (up to $200 / septic system) is available for septic pumping and inspection. This program is funded by a federal grant through the Section 319 Nonpoint Source Management Program under the Clean Water Act, which was awarded to the Montana Association of Conservation Districts in May 2019. Montana Association of Conservation Districts is partnering with local conservation districts, county health departments, and DEQ to administer this program. Eligibility will be determined based on age, condition, and location of septic system as well as proximity to a water body.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for this program, you must…

  • Reside in Lake County or Flathead County
  • Have a septic system in need of pumping (has not been pumped in 3 or more years)
  • Be in close proximity to a body of water (500 feet or less)

Please note, residents within the target watershed locations of Lake Mary Ronan, Ashley Creek, or Spring Creek, will be prioritized. However this is NOT an eligibility requirement (Zoom in on map below to find your street and see if you reside in a target watershed area, one of the colorfully outlined polygon areas. Also use map to locate streams and water bodies within the Flathead Basin).

Application/Process Instructions:

  • Applications  will be accepted beginning Spring 2022 and then on a rolling basis.
  • Applications, questions and inquiries should be completed and submitted to Saige Jibben: / (406)-858-0566 / Lake County Conservation District, 64352 US Highway 93 Ronan, MT 59864
  • An applicant will be notified of their application acceptance or denial within 2 weeks of submission
  • Following a completed septic pumping and inspection, a receipt from the Septic Pumping Contractor/Entity as well as a complete Septic Reporting Form must be submitted to Saige Jibben to receive reimbursement.
  • Hit orange button below to link to online application form or hit the blue button for a pdf to download and print
  • Download reporting form from the green button


– Reporting form must be filled out by pumper on site upon inspection, or accurately by homeowner if pumping occurred prior to your application. Pumpers may not keep records of the specific information we require nor do we expect them to make secondary site visits. If you already completed a recent pumping before applying to this program and the pumping contractor does not have the reporting form information readily available or you cannot fill out the reporting form accurately, we cannot reimburse you. This program is primarily intended to encourage new pumping and inspection. We apologize for any inconvenience.

– Pumping and inspection within this program does not qualify as a real estate inspection!

We look forward to working with you to protect your health and our valuable Montana waters!

Map Legend

Local Water Bodies & Target Watersheds Map

Zoom into this map to see the streets, or alternatively check out the pdf maps of each watershed in the additional resource section below.  

Additional Resources

List and contacts of licensed septic pumpers in Lake and Flathead Counties:

Licensed Pumpers


Worksheet/ Quiz to help you learn about the components of your system and how to care for it properly!

Septic System Salutation Quiz



Septic System Information

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