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The Lake County Conservation District, in partnership with the Montana DNRC CARDD and the Mission Valley Pheasants Forever, has a Great Plains No-Till Seed Drill to rent to the community. The Great Plains No-Till Seed Drill is available for rental at the Lake County Weed District this fall 2020. The No-Till Seed Drill is 7′ wide and can seed 3 acres per hour on average. It has both a Large Seed Box and a Small Seed Box to accommodate a wide variety of seed species. The No-Till Seed Drill is ideal for cover crops, forage/pasture plantings, wildlife and pollinator plantings, and inter-seeding. Additionally, Lake County Conservation District can assist with creating customized seed mixes and recommendations. Below are links to helpful documents and videos!

No-Till Seed Drill Rental Cost: $200 for first 36 hours + $100 for each additional day OR $10 per/ acre, whichever is greater. The No-Till Seed Drill can be rented for a maximum of four consecutive days.

Security Deposit: $1000 fully refundable deposit

For more information or to make a reservation, contact the Lake County Conservation District:  (406) 676-2841 ext. 102 or

No Till Drill Manual

No-Till Drill Rate and Calibration


This video features a Great Plains 1205NT and has a similar set up to the 706NT that LCCD has:

Great Plains drill cover crop setup

Discussion of the Great Plains 1205 NT drill for drilling cover crops.

This is another instructional video on a drill very similar to LCCD’s (this drill has a native grass seed box, LCCD’s does not have this):

Great Plains No-till Drill Instructions

This video is a tutorial on how to set up and use the Great Plains no-till drill that the Franklin County (Indiana) SWCD rents out.

This video features seed rate calibration for a Great Plains 1006NT (Native Grass Seed Drill), which is a similar process to the calibration for LCCD’s 706NT:

How to Calibrate the Great Plains Main Seed Box (Model 1006NT)


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