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CLICK HERE for more info on Legume Interseeding Case Study

The Lake County Conservation District has partnered with the Natural Resource Conservation Service to experiment with different field trials throughout the county. Many different species of legumes and grasses are being tested in different soil types and locations. These trials are taking place on both irrigated pasture and rangeland to figure out which species can thrive under this counties specific growing conditions. 40 total acres have been planted across 9 different ranches and farms throughout the county, with several others to be planted in the fall.

Different Field Trials:

  • Irrigated Forage Inter-seeding Study
  • Improved Dryland Grassland Establishment Study
  • Legume Inter-seeding for Wildlife Habitat

Testing Treatments:

  • No-Till Drilling vs. Broadcast seeding
  • Seven different legume species in individual sections and as a mix
  • Different site preparation methods (Light disking, Heavy disking, Burning)

Hadden drill (5)


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