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LCCD’s Board:

The Lake County Conservation District Board of Supervisors is comprised of 7 supervisors, a varying number of associate supervisors, and a full-time district administrator. Five of the supervisors are elected throughout the county and two are appointed by the City of Polson and the City of Ronan. Current membership includes Lake County residents that have experience in farming, ranching, natural resource engineering, forestry, education, and conservation.

From Left to right: Allen Branine, Jan Niemeyer, David Sturman, Zoe Lilja, Sigurd Jensen, Susan Gardner, Jim Simpson, Curt Rosman
  • Jim Simpson, Urban Supervisor (2005)
  • Sigurd Jensen, Supervisor (2001)
  • Susan Gardner, Vice Chair (1996)
  • Zoe Lilja, Supervisor (2006)
  • Curt Rosman, Supervisor (2006)
  • Jan Niemeyer, Chairman and Urban Supervisor (2018)
  • Allen Branine, Supervisor (2019)
  • David Sturman, Associate Supervisor (2014)

LCCD’s Staff:

Caroline McDonald:

Conservation Coordinator (2023)


Camryn Gamble:

Big Sky Watershed Corps member (2023)

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