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We did the hard part so you don’t have to! Lake County Conservation District along with NRCS carefully considered which plant species would perform well in our climate as well as provide forage for bees and other pollinators!  We made sure to choose plants that flower at different times of the year to provide nectar and pollen sources throughout the growing season. Our mixes will provide a variety of flower colors and shapes to attract different pollinators…and the best part IT’S FREE

Lake County Conservation District is offering two different pollinator-friendly mixes to Lake County residents for FREE! Click here to reserve your free seed. All we ask if that you thoroughly complete site prep to ensure the success of your pollinator planting. 

We will be giving out the seed in the beginning of April during our Annual Pollinator Week which will include several fun and educational pollinator events online and in person! To learn what type of seed mix would be best for you take our quiz! 

Our Pollinator Seed Mixes:

Western MT Wildflower Mix

  • All native and conservation wildflower species.
  • Species that bloom through out the growing season.
  • Grows well in small or large plots.

Western MT Species List Species Identification Guide

Yard Wildflower Mix

  • Showy pollinator-friendly flowers.
  • Species that bloom throughout the growing season.
  • Made for contained gardens only.

Yard Mix Species List Species Identification Guide

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