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Booklet 2019




Kurt Myllymaki

Kurt Myllymaki Presentation

Larry Feight

High Country Ag Marketing, Inc. Website

Cooper Hibbard

Cooper Hibbard Presentation 

Katrina Mendrey & Zach Miller

MT Fruit 2019 Presentation

Planting and Early Care Presentation

Rick Caquelin

Bale Grazing Presentation

Winter Grazing Presentation PT1

Winter Grazing Presentation PT 2

Winter Grazing Presentation PT 3

Dave Renn and Catie DeMets

Farm Link Montana Website 

Dr. Jane Mangold

Annual Grass Management Presentation

Marlon Winger

Earthworm Video

Strip Till Burley  Video

No Till Wheat Into Corn Stalk Residue Video

GP Drill Trit Into Cover Crop Video

Misoula Buffalo Cover Crop Management Presentation

Missoula Burley 2018 Presentation 

Dr. Emily Glunk-Meccage

Interseeding Legumes Handout

Proper Alfalfa Management Presentation

Mike Pflieger

Grazing Forage Cover Crops Presentation

Dr. Bob Sager

Dr. Sager Presentation

Thursday and Friday, January 17th and 18th an informative conference featuring Montana’s leading minds in conservation agriculture was held. The 2019 Western Montana Grazing and Agriculture Conference was held at The DoubleTree Edgewater in Missoula.



Special thanks this year to the National Grazing Lands Coalition!!

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