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The Lake County Conservation District with technical assistance from NRCS has created a Lake County Pollinator Seed Mix! The initiative began in Spring, 2017. Residents of Lake County were given seed free of cost, to establish a pollinator garden up to 2,500 square feet. The first season of the pollinator initiative was a huge success with seed given out for 90 pollinator garden plantings. In exchange for the seed the landowner agrees to prep their site to increase the plantings success rate. The Conservation District plans to monitor several of the plots to see which species are doing the best and will modify the mix if necessary. The Lake County Conservation District plans to continue this initiative with both spring and fall plantings. Contact the Lake County Conservation District to find out more information.

The Lake County Conservation District also has an educational outreach portion of their pollinator initiative. The District has been giving pollinator presentations to schools and classes throughout the county to inform students on the importance of pollinators and the role they play in our agricultural system. The students learn about different types of native bees, honey bees, and more unique pollinators like bats and flies.  The Conservation District then provides some pollinator seed and helps the students plant and create their own pollinator gardens at their school.










The District has also had the opportunity to hold pollinator themed booths at several community events. These events provide fun activities to help children understand pollinators and what they do in addition to learning about native bees and pollinators in our area.








Sign up for the initiative at our office or call to start increasing pollinator habitat throughout the county today!

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