Welcome to The Lake County Conservation District!

We have been serving the conservation needs of Lake County’s residents since 1945. Our unpaid Board of Supervisors meets on the second Thursday of each month to administer the 310 law, but most importantly to look for ways to bring the conservation message to those we serve. Whether it’s our annual 4th grade agriculture days, our Country Living workshop, pasture walks or vegetable production talks, the message of wise use and conservation is always on our minds. Please look through the rest of the web page. If you see something you would like to comment on, you can do so at lakecountycd@ronan.net.

Check out our Swan Study!

The Lake County Conservation District with technical assistance from the NRCS has created a Lake County Pollinator Seed Mix! Stop by the LCCD office to pick up your FREE seed packet and start increasing pollinator habitat throughout the county!